Custom Home Services

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Inspired Dwellings Inc. provides a full service custom home building experience to assist you each step of the way in taking your project from conception to move-in ready. Whether you approach us with a simple sketch on a napkin or a full set of construction drawings; we will efficiently take your project to completion.

When it comes to custom home design and building, we at Inspired Dwellings are among the leaders within Southern Ontario. We have built both a name and a reputation that we are proud of and hold ourselves to only the highest of standards.

  • Our team will walk you through each step of the process
  • We are Accredited and Insured
  • We are proudly affiliated with several top-notch Interior Designers
  • We will make your dream home become a reality!

We have the experience, an amazing staff, and the expertise to create the home of your dreams.

Work with one of our affiliated designers or hire your own to turn your dreams for your custom home into a full design. We will facilitate obtaining all required permits and paperwork required to build a new home.

Together we will develop a schedule that suits your ideal timeframes for commencing construction and final move-in. Together with the architect and interior designer (if applicable), we will help you pick all interior and exterior finishes from exterior cladding, to kitchen design, to paints, trims, and flooring.

We use only the best trades and materials to bring your dream home to life ensuring quality work completed in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and organized job site at all times for the safety of workers and visiting owners. We hold periodic site meetings to ensure the client is up to date with the progress of the build and satisfied with the work being completed.

Highest standards

We insist on taking on only the work that we can adequately manage ensuring we take the time to maintain communication with the clients every step of the way and we have the time to be on site to make sure all work is conducted to our standards.

Hands-on Process

We pride ourselves on implementing our experience throughout the entire process of construction from tailoring design details on paper to maintaining high quality standards throughout construction - hands on every step of the way.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home?